How trolls have sabotaged my platform & drove me to almost committing suicide.

On the 26th October around midday I left the care of the CRISIS Team at Worcestershire Royal Hospital & went home to recover from what happened. I was told by the CRISIS Team to take a break from Social Media, because the hatred & negativity I am often on the receiving end of is hugely detrimental to my Mental Health.

I posted a few tweets whilst I was on the way home to keep my followers informed about what happened & I stated that I will be taking a break from Social Media. This is something which I have done to a certain degree, however I am finding it increasingly hard to block out the negativity & hate I’m on the receiving end of. Even though I am in absolutely no dialogue with any of these individuals, they seem obsessed with smearing me & sabotaging my platform on Social Media.

I’m not going to go into detail about every individual who has subjected me to such toxic & unacceptable behaviour that’s not what I’m about, however I will say that details of this are on my last article.

In the days after I almost committed suicide I was making a conscious effort to steer away from negativity & to take a break from Twitter. However this was proving impossible, because I was still being bombarded with notifications about individuals falsely accusing me of doing all manner of things.

I’ve been accused of being behind a multitude of different sock accounts on Twitter, which have been complicit in the shaming of others & speaking in my defence about the trolling & targeted harassment which I am even at this moment still being made the subject of. I have also had a number of different prank phone calls on my mobile phone, one of which was only the day after I was discharged from hospital by the CRISIS Team.

On 27th October at 11.40am I received a call on my mobile number. I answered the call & said hello and nobody replied to me, but I could hear them tapping an item of crockery. I tweeted about this to my followers & one person informed me that this number was registered to a WhatsApp account belonging to an individual who has been relentless in their attempts to smear & discredit me on Social Media. I highlighted this to my followers at the time & I was promptly accused of photoshopping the details which were relayed to me by one of my trusted followers.

After this happened I didn’t get any more prank calls, however I was being made the subject of a tirade of verbal abuse & false accusations being made against me. They’ve accused me of photoshopping/doxxing content when I don’t even have a computer to do such a thing. They’ve accused me of being behind the creation of a multitude of different sock accounts, when all I’ve been trying to do is to block out negativity & to take a break from Social Media for the sake of my own Mental Health.

It is my growing suspicion that various sock accounts on Twitter have been created by the individuals complicit in targeted harassment against me. They wanted to create the illusion that I would make sock accounts to speak in my own defence & to shame others. They knew that it would lead people to believe that these accounts were created by myself.

I neither have the time nor the desire to waste my time creating sock accounts to speak in my own defence. I am quite capable of defending myself using my own established profile & Socialist Heart to fightback against such toxicity, to get the truth out there & to clear my name. I have also been trying to concentrate on writing these latest articles for my blog, which take time to prepare & publish. All I want to do each & every single day I wake up is to maintain my focus on fighting back against this Tory Dictatorship & uniting our Socialist movement in Britain.

Since I have been subjected to this latest campaign of targeted harassment against me I’ve lost well in excess of 1000 followers on Twitter. It is genuinely heartbreaking to know that so many people who I considered comrades in our fight for Socialism have decided to believe the blatant lies & hate I’ve been subjected to over the last couple of weeks. That’s 9 years of hard work all down the drain & all because a few individuals took a dislike to me & decided to engage in a relentless hate campaign against me, which drove me to almost committing suicide & which has left my reputation in tatters.

The victim of a crime I was involved in 2018 has also been complicit in engaging with the individuals who’ve been bullying me online for the entire last fortnight.

He posted a tweet on his backup account in response to a video I posted on my timeline which you can find attached below…

In this video I clearly stated that I’m not trying to hide my past from anyone & that every detail of my past mistakes is widely documented on my own Social Media profiles & also on this site too. I also reiterated the fact that I should be judged on what I’m doing in my life in the present moment & to not have my past mistakes held against me, which only seeks to hinder me from making positive progress in life doing things the right way.

On Tuesday 10th November I reported Stuart Allen to West Mercia Police for stalking me online & for making an attempt to provoke a reaction from me when there’s a court order in place which prevents me from making any contact with him. I will be speaking to Police in due course to make a full report to them about everything this individual has been complicit in over the last couple of days & how he’s engaging with trolls complicit in driving me to almost committing suicide.

It’s also worth mentioning that Stuart Allen has been fuelling trolls with his tweets about me & seems intent on trying to incriminate me, because at the base of everything he isn’t happy with the sentence I got in court for what happened. He has become somewhat obsessed with me since what happened & seems to want to take every opportunity he possibly can to use my past mistakes to engage in targeted harassment against me.

Please be aware that this article is still being updated & as such isn’t final at this stage.

Article Written, Prepared & Published by Sy Hawkes on 11th November 2020.

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