My 2019 #Christmas Message to Socialists in Britain 🇬🇧 & around the World 🌍

I’d like to firstly say a huge thank you to all the amazing people I’ve been lucky to connect with on Twitter over the last year. I know it will be a bitter dissappointment for so many people this Christmas that we weren’t able to deliver a Labour Government which would have truly given this country a programme of REAL Change which so many of us yearn for & which we all deserve.

My thoughts this Christmas are with all those suffering from Loneliness, Homelessness & with all the poorest, disabled and most vulnerable people in our society, for whom Christmas is always a difficult & emotionally challenging time of year.

To all of these people I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to Stay Strong & to never lose the hope that we can change the course of Politics in Britain, to deliver a government with Compassion, Understanding & Integrity at it’s heart.

It is with bitter regret we weren’t able to deliver such a government in the 2019 General Election, due to what is widely suspected to be an establishment led #ElectoralFraud committed on an ‘Industrial Scale’ by the Tories, mainstream media & private vote counting firms like IDOX & Halarose who have defrauded the electorate in order to protect their own wealth & their vested corporate interests.

I want everyone to enjoy their Christmas it’s a time for joy & happiness and to spend time with your family & loved ones. At the same time we cannot allow ourselves to forget we currently have a highly immoral & illegal corporate dictatorship occupying 10 Downing Street, who were chosen not by the electorate, but by the deeply corrupted richest 5% of Millionnaires & Billionnaire.

We have an almighty battle ahead of us in 2020 if we are to ever reverse the rancid corruption which has ravaged our Politics, Mainstream Media & Press along with the minds of the richest 5% in Britain who seem to think its acceptable for millions of people to suffer in grotesque levels of Poverty & for Homeless people to freeze to death on the cold streets of Britain, whilst they squander & desperately manoeuvre to protect their ill gotten wealth.

In 2020 I see the good people in Britain rising up against a deeply corrupted establishment and the far-right who’ve become brainwashed by their lies, deceit & propaganda. The majority of people in this country are sick & tired of waking up everyday, let alone at Christmas to a government which has & never will represent them.

We must make it our collective mission to fight as hard as we can against such grave injustices we see happening in our country & be ready for great challenges ahead of us.

In the meantime we wish we you all a lovely Christmas, Take this time to rest & recover and enjoy with your family & loved ones & in 2020 I hope we regroup & resist.

Merry Christmas 🎄❤️

Article written by Sy Hawkes & Published via The Socialist Mail on 25th December 2019

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