Why @UKLabour lost #GE2019 & Britain πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ lost the BEST Prime Minister we never had.

Since our defeat in in the 2017 General Election Labour have been gaining huge popularity amongst the public, despite bitter divisions within our party stemming from Blairites seeking to steer Labour to a right of centre ground in Politics. Our manifesto in the 2017 General Election was good we came very close to winning, but in 2019 we had an amazing socialist manifesto of REAL hope for so many millions of people in this country.

Heading into the 2019 General Election there was so, so much momentum behind Jeremy Corbyn in what I can only describe as Corbyn Mania. There was huge widespread love, appreciation
& absolute solidarity for him out there it was so touching & emotional to see happening.

Unfortunately I can’t say that I saw much on BBC News or any other mainstream media outlet for that matter, in fact most of the huge crowds of people I saw all over the country were through my reliable & trustworthy connections on Twitter.

Literally everywhere Jeremy Corbyn went he got a Rock Star reception with thousands of people singing his name in total solidarity. He is loved & appreciated by millions of people in this country who wanted him to be Prime Minister on 12th December when we all went to polling stations to vote.

On the contrary literally everywhere Boris Johnson went during his election campaign he was met by crowds of angry protestors booing him. At one point during his campaign Johnson even had to hide in a fridge to evade the scrutiny of a waiting journalist.

So where did it all go wrong for The Labour Party?

On Brexit
In the months leading up to #GE2019 Jeremy Corbyn was keeping pressure on the Conservatives every single day in the House of Commons, consistently holding the Tories to account on their woeful negligence of the REAL issues of Poverty & Homelessness in Britain which are blighting the lives of so many people in our country right now.

The Labour Party have been holding the Tories firmly to account every single day as they pursue a seriously damaging no-deal Brexit strategy, which will have catastrophic effects for both our economy & peoples day-to-day lives.

In the days that led up to the election being called there was bitter division in the House of Commons between the Tories & Opposition parties & the Tories couldn’t get any form of Brexit Deal passed through parliament because they didn’t have the majority to pass any bill through parliament, let alone a hugely damaging Brexit deal which will send our country off a cliff edge.

However the result of the 2019 General Election has shown evidently that as a party we lost 52 of our seats in constituencies which voted to Leave the EU. As a party we were steered by Blairites to take the stance of being neutral on Brexit by offering the people a second referendum, with the options to leave the EU with Labour’s Brexit Deal or to Remain in the EU.

Unfortunately as much as I felt this was the right stance for our party to take, it was actually proven to be the wrong stance amongst the wider electorate. People in Britain right now have genuine concerns about mass uncontrolled immigration resulting from our membership of the EU.

As a party we had absolutely the right manifesto to address grotesque levels of Poverty & Homelessness which are destroying the lives of so many people in Britain right now. We had the right manifesto to Save our NHS from being sold away from under our feet to America in a trade deal with Donald Trump. However on Brexit our position was wrong & proven to be so by the electorate.

Going forwards now we must address the genuine concerns of those people worried about the effects of mass uncontrolled immigration & our membership of the EU, which quite honestly is just as undemocratic as the Conservative Party themselves.

On Blairites

Since 2017 when we came very close to winning the General Election the leadership of our party has been steered by Blairites to adopt a neutral stance on Brexit, which penultimately contributed towards us losing the 2019 General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn has been consistently vilified & falsely smeared with a toxic reputation of being Anti-Semitic by centrist blairite rebels within our own party, who’ve persistently undermined his amazing leadership at every opportunity they’ve had to do so.

They seek to steer our party away from the new socialist left-wing ideals & policies that have been so emboldened by Jeremy Corbyn & embraced by millions of people in Britain who are desperate for the real change our manifesto of hope would have delivered for them. Make no mistake Blairites are a scourge within our party & in order for us to achieve success going forwards we must rid our party of these centrist rebels who undermine our success & who prevent us from ever securing a majority with the electorate.

On Mainstream Media Lies, Smears & Right-Wing biased propaganda

During our election campaign Jeremy was constantly vilified & subjected to a persistent bitter onslaught of false claims of Anti-Semitism, by the Conservatives, by Blairites within our own party & the the billionaire mainstream media & gutter press tabloids like The Sun & Daily Mail. The effects of such a propaganda campaign have the desired effect for the mainstream media and tabloids because they are the primary method which many people use for finding out the News, and so many can fall victim to brainwashing or falsely believe that everything the mainstream media tell them are a factually concise, when in actual fact they are most definitely not and have been proven as such.

On Socialism

It has to be said that the real enemy of the Conservatives, the billionnaire mainstream media/press & the centrist rebels within our own party is not Anti-Semitism or Jeremy Corbyn. Their enemy is the concept of Socialism, which can effectively eliminate Poverty & Homelessness with policies that would ensure the richest in society pay their fair share of taxes & the redistribution of wealth which would lift people in this country out of the dire situations of Poverty & Homelessness that many of us are struggling with every single day of our lives under the Conservatives.

It can’t be denied that our manifesto along with our socialist policies are hugely popular with the electorate, however in the election we failed to address the real concerns had surrounding Brexit and in particular mass uncontrolled immigration resulting from our membership of the European Union.

On Electoral Fraud

On the day before the 2019 General Election it was revealed on BBC News by their Senior Political Correspondent Laura Kuensberg even before polling stations had opened on 12th December that she’d the results of the Postal Votes.

This information was gained from senior Conservative MP Dominic Raab who openly stated on BBC News that he’d seen the results of Postal Votes, further stating with a smirk on his face that “It didn’t look good for Labour”. Laura Kuensberg then committed the very serious crime of Electoral Fraud by communicating this information directly to the public via BBC News/BBC Politics before polling stations had even opened on 12th December.

This is evidentially a clear breach of the law & as such was reported to the Electoral Commission for further investigation by many members of the public, myself included. We were told by the Electoral Commission that they were taking the complaints onboard, but that they couldn’t do anything about it as it was a ‘Police Matter’. At this point I contacted the MET Police & reported Laura Kuenssberg for communicating information relating to Postal Votes before Polling Stations had opened, which is clearly defined by the law under electoral commission rules as being a criminal offence.

Once polling stations had closed at 10pm on 12th December the Exit Poll suggested an 80 seat majority for the Conservatives. There was an issue I highlighted in the early hours of 13th December where Postal Votes had disappeared in Blyth & this seat ended up being won by the Tories.

As soon as the result of the election was declared Laura certainly looked overjoyed with the result of her decade long right-wing propaganda campaign against Labour, as it was revealed the Tories had won an 80 seat majority.

Since the result of the election concerns have also been raised about the vote counting firm IDOX which was previously managed by Peter Lilley, an ex-Conservative MP. Although  Lilley is no longer the director of IDOX, its currently unknown as to who exactly runs this firm & as such where their political allegiances lie.

How do we move forwards as a party to win a General Election in the future?

In order for The Labour Party to ever secure an overall majority to govern our country again we must stamp out the blairite rebels within our party who only seek to undermine our success. We must also allow the Tories to see through the Brexit process which most likely will result in a catastrophic no-deal cliff edge departure from the EU. The Tories will destroy themselves over Brexit & we must allow them to do that, because it means that Labour will be in the strongest position to fight the next election whenever that may be.

In the meantime we have to recognise that the mainstream media & press have contributed hugely to our party losing the 2019 General Election with their deliberate right-wing bias, lies, deceit & smears against the leadership of our party. With Jeremy Corbyn sadly resigning as Leader in early 2020, we must ensure that our next leader adopts the Socialist groundwork that Corbyn has laid out. We must ensure that our party stays on a left of centre ground footing & that we do not cower to the demands of Blairites in our party or indeed make any of them leader.

We let the Tories see through the Brexit process which they’ll make a complete mess out of likely plumetting Britain into another financial crash & recession, then we make the urgent case for another election at that point. Then we can proceed with the exact same policies in our 2019 Manifesto & at that point we will have our best chance of winning that election whenever it comes.

Thank you as always for taking the time to read our article. Solidarity Comrades ✊🏼

Article Written by Sy Hawkes & Published via www.socialistmail.wordpress.com on
20th December 2019

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