Majority of @UKLabour Party Supporters want @JeremyCorbyn to Win #LabourLeadership. In a Shock Revelation The @DailyMirror pledges  full allegiance to @AndyBurnhamMP 

The contest for the leadership of the Labour Party has stepped up a gear this week as the leadership candidates continue to pit themselves against one another in a battle for the top job of leading the party into the 2020 General Election as they seek to regain some credibility amongst the British people. The momentum in the leadership campaign and the opinion of core Labour supporters is absolutely behind Jeremy Corbyn and also behind the ideology of a newly reformed and rebranded Labour Party which is built on true socialist values.

Jeremy Corbyn certainly has the right mindset in terms of his voice of opposition to the brutal public sector & welfare cuts & austerity measures that this Conservative administration have implemented since coming to power in 2010. Corbyn also wants to renationalise the railways and energy providers and this is certainly what needs to happen because our public services should be based on providing core services to the public and certainly not for the purposes of making huge profits for private corporations. Corbyn has stated that he wants to see a fairer, kinder Britain which will be based on innovation, decent jobs and effective public services for all people in this country.

Yesterday ‘The Daily Mirror’ made an official statement on Social Media pledging their support for Andy Burnham to be the next Labour leader which came as a shock surprise to many of their readers and myself included. They say that Andy Burnham is the only Prime Minister in waiting in the leadership contest and that he simply must be the next leader of the party because he combines proven experience with passion and principles. I do feel that it’s dangerous for a national newspaper to be taking sides in this leadership contest and then posting it on social media to try and sway the minds of their readers into believing their own principles. I believe that the decision of exactly who leads the Labour Party into the next general election should be the sole decision of core Labour supports amongst the British people and it’s not healthy to see the media taking sides and the potential leaders turning against one another in their own battle for the top job.

Whilst I completely agree with Jeremy Corbyns principles on opposing the brutal Austerity & Welfare reform implemented over the last 5 years, I do however have a deep concern that the Labour Party has not truly learnt from the mistakes made during the recent general election. The levels of immigration in this country at the moment are deeply concerning and we simply cannot carry on allowing uncontrolled amounts of people to enter and settle in our country.

We do need to be realistic here and understand that in comparison to the rest of the world, Britain is a relatively small country with an infrastructure that is already under exceptional pressure and strain from the public sector cuts and austerity measures imposed under this Conservative administration. It is somewhat foolish for any potential leader to take a defensive stance in support of immigration in its current form because the risks to our children’s futures in this country is real, the risks to the good health of our population are also real. We simply cannot allow uncontrolled amounts of people into this country at a time when our public services are under such exceptional strain due to a rising population mixed with the cuts and austerity measures. It is quite simply a recipe for disaster for any potential leader to wade into a leadership contest and not be able to address these core issues. It demonstrates that the Labour Party have not learnt the lessons of the past and continue to represent views which are totally out of touch with many people in this country.

In the recent General Election official statistics suggested that in excess of 3.89 Million British people voted for the UK Independence Party who are considered to be even more to the right of what the Conservatives are. However they are the only British political party that opposes Immigration in its current form and they also oppose Britains membership of the monstrous dictatorship that has become the Europan Union. So if the Labour Party want to try and regain some appeal and credibility amongst Conservative and UKIP voters then they do need to begin addressing the real issues that many British people have such deep concerns about. It is foolish to seek to rebrand a party based on socialist principles and to completely ignore the mistakes they made in the past which led to 3.89 million people voting for UKIP. Surely a potential leader would want to try to get the Labour Party more in tune with the common public opinion surrounding levels of Immigration and our membership of the European Union.

This really does leave many people including myself in a terrible predicament where we do support the Labour Party on their approach to opposing Austerity. However I am unable to pledge complete support to them whilst they remain a party that is clueless on the effects of mass immigration and exactly how it is impacting on the lives of ordinary British people up and down this country. A new socialist Britain would be very welcomed amongst many people I’m sure but whilst the core issues of a soaring population remain unaddressed then these new socialist principles will fall flat on their face.

I will be watching the outcome of the Labour leadership contest very closely in the coming weeks, it is expected that we should know the eventual outcome on or around September 12th and I will be hoping that we do see that Jeremy Corbyn is given the opportunity to lead the Labour Party in a new direction and to mount a hard challenge to the current Conservative administration. I do look forward to seeing how Corbyn will stand up to David Cameron in Prime Ministers Questions and I’m sure we will see plenty of heated debates and exchanges between them in the coming weeks and months ahead.

I do strongly welcome any feedback on this article or indeed any other topics that I have covered on this site, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment and this can be a good place where we can all have a sensible debate about such serious political and current affairs that could well affect all our lives for years to come.

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