#GE2019 When Kinder, Gentler #Politics failed written by @leniniscool

Jeremy Corbyn had the most radical agenda of any Labour leader throughout our 100+ year history. His policies on health, education and, most importantly, the fundamental restructuring of the British economy reflect a genuine understanding of the issues facing the working class, something which can’t be said for most of the party.

So why did we lose?

One clear problem, something which socialists must face up too, was his style of leadership, his “kinder, gentler politics”. In practice, this meant handing both the Tories and the Labour right free reign to wreak havoc on the Corbyn project, as seen clearly by capitulation on our Brexit policy.

Corbyn allowed time for centrists to push the disastrous policy of a second referendum, something which we have paid for dearly in this election with the loss of many Northern seats. He allowed the same culprits to work with the Tory media to undermine him at all costs. He allowed time for Johnson and Cummings to push myths about our platform, without calling him out as an Etonian liar.

As Josh Jackson (@joshuaYjackson) puts it:

“In Corbyn’s pursuit for ‘party unity’ and maintain the sacred cow of the ‘broad church’, all of the olive branches offered to his enemies were fashioned into daggers that went in the back, front and sides. Ultimately he had to compromise on his socialism and intra-party democracy.”

Pacifism is not an option in the class war. Socialists must learn from the failures of Corbyn, reject the facade of “electable” centrists and make the next leader a strong, working-class socialist for the many, not the few.

By Thomas Brace
Twitter: @leniniscool

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