9th January 2013 by Sy Hawkes

Well yesterday was one heck of an eye-opening day very revealing indeed. What has been shown and displayed today is a blatant disregard to the wellbeing and care of millions of people across this country.

In the news yesterday i took note that, 2 senior excecutives at HBOS Bank were arrested along with 8 other un-named individuals for a total £35million fraud (which apparently is more to the tune of £billions). And all whilst the poorest are the hardest hit by the effects of the corrupted bankers and politicians who all rule over us every single day, they are the biggest criminals in our country today without a shadow of a doubt.

They get to steal £billions from our economy whilst the poorest victims of this triple-dip recesssion have their out of work benefits capped at 1% for the next 3 years, which for a claimant of the soon to be implemented ‘Universal Credit’ is an increase in real terms of just 70p per week, which would buy a person no more than a pint of milk extra in their shopping each week.

It is absolutely gut wrenchingly sickening that all of this is being allowed to continue, yet the majority of the MP’s in the house of common’s yesterday voted in favour of the cap at 10% for the next 3 years, which is against the wishes of every man,woman and child in this country as it is not even in line with soaring inflation.

It all shows a clear disregard and malicious contempt for the majority of our people, and is causing great levels of inequality in this country. It is absolutely immorally wrong that the richest 10% of people in the UK are being handed a tax cut, providing them with yet more wealth on top of the £billions they have already taken from us and still continue to do so, the actions of the majority of richest 10% in this country (bankers, politicians, and company executives) have all achieved their wealth though immoral, corrupt and criminal ways and the actions of these people can no longer be allowed to continue, while the 90% of the population are paying for their mistakes and criminal behaviour.

It was rightfully pointed out by Nick Clegg (Deputy PM) on Monday that “It is for the British people to decide how Britain is governed” so in that case then, why is the case that our people do not get their voices heard or their opinions taken into consideration by this coalition. Instead we are dictated to by the richest 10% and we are all expected to live under their rule, when what in fact should be happening is that they should be all held to account for what they are doing to humanity in this country.

The poorest people in our modern society are the sick & disabled, the mass amounts of unemployed people who are all the hardest hit and the true victims of the incompetent and criminal governing of our country.

The time has most definitely come for all people of the UK to awaken to the reality of what is going on and what we are allowing to going on, we need to unite with one another with a sense of passion for our common goal of ending the widespread corruption in this country, and realise that we are all brother’s and sister’s in our fight to regain true democracy in this country, that promote’s equality amongst all our people.

We together can put these criminal banker’s and politician’s before a court of law with a public judge and jury and make them pay the justice for causing the misery and financial hardship of millions of people in this country.

Lets stand together to make this happen!

Original Article written by Sy Hawkes & published via ThisIsBrokenBritain

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