Jeremy Corbyn is the best choice for the #LabourLeadership but as always @UKLabour remains Clueless on #Immigration & the #EU #RealIssues

I think that out of all the candidates who are standing for the top job of leading the Labour Party into the next general election, Jeremy Corbyn is most likely the best man for the job. I feel that Corbyn can give the Labour Party a chance to be able to admit to and clean up their mistakes of the past and move forwards with progressive new policies that leaves no person behind and ensures a much more even spread of wealth in this country amongst the people that need it most.

The true route out of Poverty and Hardship is by working hard and getting on in life and we must provide people with adequate opportunities and the chance to earn a decent living wage for themselves and their families. When policies are implemented that do genuinely help the poorest people in our country then that in turn tackles the welfare state in a much more positive way, because when there is sufficient opportunity for everyone to earn a decent living wage then many on welfare now will naturally want to work I’m sure.

What really concerns me with Jeremy Corbyn is that he does seem to have a defensive stance in terms of his views on Immigration and the EU, I noticed at the leaders debate he had his arms folded and he came across as very defensive when he was asked what his views were. He said as far as he sees it this country doesn’t have any severe issues from the effects of mass EU immigration amongst the many other thousands of Illegal Migrants who manage to make it to this country by the thousands each and every year. For too long I have heard from certain sections of society that it is Racist to have genuine concerns about the pure levels of Immigration and the amounts of people that want to and indeed do come and settle in this small country each and every single year.

Jeremy Corbyn is the best choice for the Labour Leadership of an effective pressure group standing up for the poor & disabled but not the best man for the job of a future Prime Minister.

It is not Racist to appreciate that our country is small in comparison to the rest of the world and our infrastructure, adequate supply of sufficient housing and employment opportunities for everyone can only work for a set amount of people I’m afraid, and when it doesn’t do that then it begins to fail our own people whilst we look after the needs of the entire world.

Jeremy Corbyn has remained quite silent about the situation in Calais where we are seeing vast amounts of people fleeing from the barbaric regime of the Islamic State. Many of these migrants have now since given trying to get into Britain since Border Security has been beefed up considerably with prison like fences now guarding the port of Calais and the entrances to the Channel Tunnel. Many of these migrants are now going to other countries like Greece where big problems have occurred as a direct result.

Greece will be plunged into yet further economic crisis that they will never recover from if the Syrian Migrant Crisis continues

Is it Racist or just Common Sense to have genuine concerns about Immigration?

I do not believe it is Racist to realistically understand the constraints that mass immigration both legal & illegal is having and will continue to have in the future. Our Public Services (gradually being privatised by the Tories) cannot cope with the surge in demand for Healthcare services, School Places for our children in the years to come,and the adequate supply of jobs and opportunities that can meet the demand for our own people and for an unlimited amount of migrants that want to come and settle in our country each year.

There are no 2 ways about it, it simply cannot feasibly work and if any potential leader thinks that it can then they are most certainly taking the chances of a political party effectively being able to regain power and slashing them. Progressive politics is all about understanding the real issues and the setting a new vision and path for our country that is based on prosperity for everyone.

I think that the Labour Party must really seek to try and regain some credibility amongst the 3.89 million who voted for the UK Independence Party at the recent general election. To be honest from my own point of view it wasn’t an easy choice for me to decide who to vote for, but I knew I had to vote if I wanted to have my say on who I wanted to lead our country. I felt that throughout the last Labour Party campaign in the general election they were lacking any understanding at all about the effects of Immigration and our membership of the EU and Ed Miliband just generally lacked any real vision for our country in terms of real policies. I knew that the UK Independence Party are considered to be more far right than the Tories so it wasn’t an easy choice for me to make because I wasn’t sure exactly how Nigel Farage would tackle inequality and create opportunities, but he had the right viewpoint in terms of the EU and Immigration and I will always stand by that.

In the last General Election ‘3.89 Million’ people voted for the UK Independence Party, the current offerings from the Labour Party will appeal to none of these people I’m sure.

For many people the real effects of this Immigration Crisis are yet to be seen and felt amongst everybody and in our day to day lives but for many they have realised already and together we are awake to these real issues in the world. It’s unfortunate to say that some of these party leaders are just causing more division and splits of opinion in our society because not one of them has the perfect policies that everyone wants that will benefit everyone. It is foolish for anyone to think that we can have an unlimited amount of people coming to live in our country whilst our own British people are genuinely suffering from the effects of Austerity and cuts to front line public services up and down this country.

I’m not too sure where are of the other Labour Leadership candidates stand in terms of their own views on Immigration, because at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about is to represent the views of the chairman of the Labour Party and still be able to win the popularity of the public. None of these candidates have made enough of a noise about the effects of real life issues and the effects uncontrolled mass EU migration and the amounts of illegal migrants coming here for me to be fully behind any one of them.

I strongly welcome your valuable feedback on this article or indeed any other topics that I have covered on this site, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment and this can be a good place where we can all have a sensible debate about such serious political and current affairs that could well affect all our lives for years to come.

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