Why our #BrokenSociety must find its Heart for one another & tackle youth gang culture at its roots by replacing #Poverty & #Austerity with #FinancialEquality. #Blog article by Sy Hawkes 17th August 2015 #Culture #Society #ProgressivePolitics

Over recent weeks I have noticed a surge in incidents of violence amongst local youngsters who seem to be turning against and fighting one another in the streets in my local area. There have also been incidents involving the Police at local businesses in the area too where fights have actually broke out inside the premises of these businesses, and they have involved staff at a local pizza takeaway and also youngsters fighting one another in the local newsagents.
I know and understand that these kind of incidents have been going on in our society for a long time and indeed when I was young and growing up it was the same then. I do however think that such incidents have gradually worsened over the years as our society develops into what it has become today. I do feel that our younger generations are being unfairly targeted by the likes of the higher powers who are actually elected to represent everyone, but this political system is actually neglecting our youngsters a great deal. The kind of policies that this Consevativgovernment have implemented since coming to power have only sought to hit the young, poor, sick and disabled the hardest, making these people bear the full brunt of the severe austerity measures and cuts to our public services. Under this government many Youth Centres have also been closed down as their funding was cruelly slashed under the previous ConDem coalition 2010-2015.
The Tory party look like they will continue along the same trajectory in 2015 as they now command an overall majority in the House of Commons (House of Conmen)!! I feel that they certainly will continue to hit the youngest in our society the hardest and this will only cause serious issues of anger, resentment, jealousy, division in our society and growing levels of poverty and homelessness in the years to come. These are but just a few of the knock-on effects that are caused as the direct end result of the policies that this government continue to implement.

It is completely unacceptable for this government to feel that is ok to make the British people pay the ultimate price for the mistakes and gross incompetence of Bankers & previous political parties who governed this country so badly & incompently that they caused huge levels of Debt. Still it is crucially important to remember that these Bankers & MPs were rewarding themselves with huge bonuses and lucrative salaries & pay at a time when we were in a deep recession and they have evidently continued to reward their own failure since then.

In fact this year the MP’s have again rewarded themselves with a huge 10.3% Pay rise in addition to the huge expenses and housing allowances they already receive at the direct cost of taxpayers up and down this country. All the while many British people in this country are really struggling in great hardship and poverty to make ends meet. People that are struggling to find the money in order to put food on the table for themselves and their families. Why do we think that it’s ok for these politicians to reward themselves with taxpayers money for inflicting such austerity, hardship and poverty on the people for whom they are elected to represent and work for. It is wrong for any political party to claim that “We are all in this together”and then in the next breath say that “We are the party of Working People” during the last general election campaign.

This Tory establishment continue to impact on the lives of the youngest,poor,sick and disabled with ideological and severely damaging measures that will have a direct impact on people’s everyday lives for years to come.

The Conservative Party has already tried to abolished under 25’s from claiming housing benefit and they have also stopped 16 and 17 year olds from being able to claim Jobseekers Allowance. These 2 policies alone can only represent the loathing views of these MPs along with their complete lack of understanding and callous disregard as to how the effect of these policies has a direct impact and critical effect on the lives of our younger generations. So it does really come as no surprise to me that youngsters are growing up in some terribly difficult situations at home with parents who are trapped in some horrific situations of hardship and poverty.

For many of our young people it isn’t always possible for them to stay at home until they reach 25 because quite simply life doesn’t always work out perfectly for everyone. Families breakdown and split apart and many young people leave home at a young age because they can’t get on with their parents or their parents can’t handle them no more. It is important to remember that many of our young people have grown up in truly difficult situations and I know from my own experience the pressures of growing up and trying to impress my mates and be seen as cool.

Nowadays in some areas of this country and also the area where I live a young person has to be seen as hard or feared in order to gain the respect of the other youngsters around them. This has led to young people having to toughen up at a young age in order to be seen as cool and hard in front of their mates. It is the wrong sense of cool completely and very sad when we have to turn against one another and fight in order to be seen as cool or stealing off someone to gain money, popularity amongst their friends or as a means of survival.

Going forwards it is vitally important that our society finds its heart for one another again and we simply must be truly United and financial inequality in this country needs to and must be eradicated if we are to ever save ourselves from the impending apocalyptic situation that will occur if we don’t start to learn to like and accept one another for the truly unique range of people that we are.

We simply must start showing our young people that we do care about them and provide them with real opportunities doing things that will enjoy and naturally excel at, and places that they can go and hang out and do fun things that wont cost them too much money and most importantly with their more importantly that we ensure that no child in this country ever has to grow up in situations of hardship and poverty.

It is of a vital importance that we come together in a common bond and wider understanding that we are not each other’s enemies, and we must realise that it is part of the problem which are government are causing as a direct result of the policies they are inflicting on the lives of the people they should be representing. What does surprise me is that there also many people who will actually stand by and support the actions of this government and will actually go out and vote for them and defend them at every opportunity. This just serves as a significant reminder about just how divided our society actually is and the concepts of different political parties that just represent the Rich and Poor.

To put things quite simply the Conservatives are a political party that only caters for the needs of the richest in society and they have a loathing contempt for the poorest, sickest and disabled in this country. They also hate young people despite David Cameron’s false pretences with his Hug-a-Hoodie campaign in the run up to the 2010 election. He has done anything but hug a hoodie since the Tories came to power in 2010 and has in fact implemented policies that have hit these people the hardest.

The Labour Party are the party who I feel have the greatest heart and understanding of the real life issues that affect many people in this country, however they do remain clueless on Mass-Immigration and the EU and they lack any real vision in the way of clearly set out policies. This has left the Labour Party in a position where they are unelectable because people just don’t know what would happen if they were to vote for them.

The UK Independence Party and Nigel Farage have struck a great appeal with the general public and achieved record numbers of votes in the last general election ‘3.89 Million’ to be precise. As someone who has followed UKIP for a long time I can say wholeheartedly that they do in fact have the right views on the real issues of Mass Immigration and our countries membership of the EU which does cost every British taxpayer great amounts of money. In total our contributions for being members of the EU are in excess of £55million for every single day. However UKIP are a party who are considered to be even more far right of the Tories and this can only leave me to wonder what their attitude to the poor, sick and disabled would be and I’m sure this is something that many people fear with voting for UKIP. In the last general election they lacked any real policies on how they would help all the British people and how they work to achieve true financial equality.

This can only lead me to believe that the best progressive government for this country and the long-term prosperous futures of all our British people is for a coalition government between Labour & UKIP, they must bang their heads together and join forces with some real common sense policies that I’m sure would strike appeal with a far greater audience.

I do strongly welcome any feedback on this article or indeed any other topics that I have covered on this site, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment and this can be a good place where we can all have a sensible debate about such serious political and current affairs that could well affect all our lives for years to come.

Image Source Credits to: express.co.uk, dailymail.co.uk, Getty Images, dazeddigital.com

Original Article written by Sy Hawkes & published via www syhawkes.wordpress.com on August 17th 2015

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