Are British people truly Lazy or have many quite simply just given up on the hope of a better tomorrow?

We are hearing it all the time now from the higher powers that rule over this and they do think they can consistently judge the British people, they say that many British people are quite simply too lazy to work. What I want to say today is that this ideology is quite simply not true and there is often good reason behind why many people in this country aren’t working. There are many people in this country, myself included who have taken every step possible in order to better themselves and to move forwards in life and our progress is consistently hindered by oppression, ignorance and the selfish greed and pride of the others in this society. I believe that there people who want the easy life on benefits and for some it is the only way of life they have ever known and therefore people become accustomed to that way of living in a constant battle of survival. We simply cannot go on persecuted the poorest and most disadvantaged people in this country the actions of this governments cruel and totally unjust welfare reforms will lead to more homeless people, more hardship and suffering that will cause crime,anger amongst the people and resentment towards the system that made it happen to them. I think that these politicians have forgotten about who they are supposed to be working for and representing because when they can essentially consign so many people to the gutter as worthless and good for nothing it’s not surprising why many British people may have just given up on trying.

For too long now we have heard the constant rhetoric from this Tory government that everyone on benefits are work shy scroungers and the most severely sick and disabled in this country are actually able to work. Whilst it is true that many British people are able to work and should absolutely be doing so, we must also remember that people’s progression in life is made increasingly difficult due to the actions of others. To find opportunities for progression in our lives we always rely on others to provide us with those all important opportunities, for example an unemployed person will require an employer to offer them with a job. In terms of self-employment we rely on members of the public and other businesses to liaise with us and to show interest and engagement in what we seek to achieve in our business aims. It is true that without the input of others and effectively being able to reach out to others around us then our progression in life can come to a standstill. Such behaviours of ignorance and oppression in our society can in itself lead to people feeling like they aren’t wanted in this world and it can also make people feel as though every effort they make is in vain and isn’t being sufficiently recognised or appreciated by the people around them.

Really as a society what we need to asking ourselves is are we doing all we can to ensure that we are taking care of the needs of society and are we adequately ensuring that nobody is left behind. Personally I don’t feel that this society is taking enough measures to ensure that we are leaving nobody behind, when there are so many British people who remain unemployed after making every effort possible to change their lives for the better. There is only so much that a person can try to do in life before they feel like their efforts are getting them nowhere, and then it comes as no surprise that people just feel like giving up and throwing the towel in.

How many jobs must a person apply for and How much effort should that person take before they sit down and realise that every effort is leading them no further to achieving their goals. Then we all wonder why so many people have quite simply given up and resign themselves to the reality that they aren’t wanted by any employer and their words fall short of effectively reaching out to anyone who are in positions of being to offer these people with genuine opportunities and the chance to better themselves. These are the things that we really must focus on as a society because quite simply when people are consigned to the gutter and not being able to progress forwards in life, then it really comes as no surprise to me that many are feeling in such great despair. This kind of despair can lead to people feeling very lonely and isolated in a world where they feel they have no part in, which leads to people feeling very oppressed, depressed, angry and jealous of others around them.

I do not believe or accept that every person on Benefits wants to be on them, for many people they have no other credible choice. We continue to see programmes on television such as Benefits Britain, Benefits Street & Benefits by the sea and in these programmes Benefit claimants are often reflected as nothing more than workshy scroungers who want to milk the system for every penny they can get. This is sometimes the case and often is with the people whom they include on these programmes as the ideology behind the programmes is to paint a bad reflection of anyone who claims benefits in order to comply with the propaganda of this Tory government. There are some people who are indeed workshy scroungers amongst people who like to wake up in the morning and immediately start consuming alcohol and recreational drugs, these people often flaunt of how easy their life is on benefits and they just paint a very bad picture and representation of every person that claims benefits. The truth is that every person is different and there are some workshy benefit claimants, but amongst these people there are also people who are genuinely caught in a trap and they do want to work hard and get on in life but they are being prevented from doing so. At the end of the day all a jobseeker can do is seek the work and apply for it, they have no say or control over whether they will actually get that job at all because that is at the sole discretion of the employer.

The other day I spoke on this site about how our society must find its heart for one another and todays post ties in well with that subject. We must find our hearts for each other and at the same time we must ensure that good hearted people in this world are not left behind in situations of unemployment. I am very sure that all many people want is to be presented with a genuine opportunity to work hard and get on in life, and as a society we continue to fail these people which is simply not acceptable. On a programme I watched the other night a girl on there stated that she wanted a career not a job, this is very true and it is what we all should be striving to achieve in our lives. I believe that we have a great amount of talent in this country and people who are very skilled and competent in being able to achieve all that they seek to achieve. We should be getting behind these people who have skills and trying to present them with the right career opportunities in life so that they can truly be at their best in life. When everyone of our British people are working in a role which brings out the best in them and makes full use of the skills and talents they have to offer, then we will progress as a society and in return I’m sure we will see a much healthier economic outlook which will return long term prosperity for every person in this country.

I have posted this article across several groups on Facebook today and already I have received some positive and constructive feedback which I have been allowed to share with readers.

Hoodef Akaayu wrote “Like many other peoples, their government has been successful in convincing them that hope is hopeless. Today you`re considered extremely naive if you dare to hope. It`s easier to take hope away than to give it, laziness has become a comfort zone, thinking and doing is wasting time and energy…. Bingo..Government wins.”

I agree completely with all that Hoodef has stated in his comment and the truth is that this Tory government consistently like to preach about how they are the party of “working people” however they are complicit in punishing the poorest in society for the huge mistakes of the richest and leaving so many British people trapped in such terrible situations of poverty and hardship, essentially consigned to a life on benefits. They have taken away people’s hope and replaced it with fear and anxiety which penultimately means that the hopes of a better tomorrow for many people are becoming increasingly deminished.

Personally, I will never give up on the hope of a better tomorrow and I will always keep striving to move forwards in life. When you truly appreciate that there are so many things wrong in the world, so much Homelessness, Poverty, Financial inequality, so much Corruption and Child abuse that has gone on for decades at the hands of people deemed to be suitable for Lordships and in positions of responsibility as MPs. When you appreciate and see all of the things that are wrong with the world, then you realise that there is everything worth fighting for. The fight against what’s happening is what keeps me alive and the great love for people who are caught up in genuine hardship & suffering from unemployment through no fault of their own.

I do also recognise that at present the UK is suffering quite heavily from the effects of mass uncontrolled immigration not just from the EU but from pretty much every other poverty or war stricken country in the world. This country is seen as the land of opportunity and the land where vast amounts of money can be made, that is simply not true because our infrastructure can only realistically cope with a set population amount. This is before it starts buckling under the strain and exceptional pressures of demand for Healthcare, School Places, Doctors Surgeries, Dentists, Employment opportunities. None of these real issues are taken into account whilst this British government continue to persecute our own British unemployed, poor, sick and disabled people whilst we continue to look after the needs of the rest of the world before the needs of our own British people.

Thank You for taking the time to visit my site today and for reading my article. I do strongly welcome your feedback on this article and also any other topics that I have covered on this site, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment. I also hope that this can be a good place where we can all have a sensible debate about such serious political and current affairs that could well affect all our lives for years to come.

Original Article written by Sy Hawkes & published via www on August 19th 2015

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