5th-8th January 2013 by Sy Hawkes

Hi guys apologies for lack of posts for past few days, i have been a busy bee trying to apply for as many jobs as i can to try and lift myself out of this unholy mess i find myself in. In the past few days i have applied for 5 different jobs and all of them are suitably skilled jobs which i feel that i would competently be able to do, and all are full-time positions aswell which is the only way to lift myself out of the poverty trap that i find myself in, i only mention my jobseeking activities on this blog for my own personal records and at the end of the year this blog will form the basis of my challenge to the government and my local jobcentre to ask why i am making so much effort and trying so hard to find work and getting absolutely nowhere. I long for the day to come when my phone will ring with the offer of an interview, so for this government who seems to be slam everyone on unemployment benefits as workshy scroungers, i say this to them “Offer me an opportunity of full-time paid work that can offer me a real scope for a career and earning a decent living wage” and i will show you that i am no workshy scrounger at all.

I have been reading up lately on how the government have appointed ATOS to carry out the medical examinations of the sick and disabled in this country, where genuinely sick/disabled benefit claimants are going to these medical examinations and are then deemed as fit for work by ATOS even though thee claimant’s GP’s have strictly said they are not fit for work and must NOT work, i believe that this brings the whole medical/healthcare profession in this country into complete disrepute. What angers me further is that when ATOS are deeming these individuals as fit for work when they are most clearly not, they are then forced to sign onto jobseekers allowance and ARE fully expected to be going out and looking for work and when they cannot do this because of their illnesses and disabilities they then have their benefits withdrawn/sanctioned. The whole benefits system in this modern day is designed to destroy the very people that it was designed to benefit, i mean we have sick and disabled people being deemed as fit for work when they are totally not then they go onto JSA and get sanctioned as they cannot meet the jobseeking requirements of JSA, then we have jobseekers who are fit for work and are looking and trying and applying for any jobs that they possibly can and are getting absolutely nowhere that get labelled as ‘Scroungers’ when they are actually in fact being forced to live a life on benefits. “This whole system is designed and engineered to ruin us whatever position we all find ourselves in within it”.

Personally i am on the governments newly implemented ‘Work Programme’ and i must say that in the time that i have been on this programme just over 1 year now, i am am no closer to finding work than i was before i was placed upon it, in actual fact the help and support i receive to find and secure long-term and permanent work is much less than the help i was able to receive at the jobcentre prior to my placement upon the ‘Work Programme’. I have seen the ‘Drop and Go’ form change in design and structure about 6-7 times and each time it seems to boldly point out that the jobcentre are looking to catch people out any way that they possibly can in order to sanction people’s benefits and force them to suffer and penultimately die in hardship and poverty.

This is the most recent addition to the drop and go form picked up from my local jobecentre on 03rd January 2013 that cdid not previously appear on the last fortnight’s form,

“Please note, your jobseeking activity will be checked later today by another member of staff and you will be notified of any issues by phone and/or letter”

I find this absolutely disgraceful that they brandish everyone with the same brush, and seem to persistently imply that everyone is being investigated for not doing enough to find work, when i for one am applying for every possible vacancy i can yet i hear absolutely nothing back from the job applications that i make, there is a distinct LACK of unskilled work around, a distinct lack of vacancies in general, no investment or training, and little help and support for the unemployed, yet it is always the claimants fault that they have to claim benefits.

“The jobcentre’s around this country and the government in general need to start realising that it is THEM that are the endemic problem in this country and it is THEM that cannot offer solutions to the problem’s of mass unemployment, it is THEM that are forcing sick and disabled people to hunt for work when they are most clearly not able to do so, it is THEM that forced 33,000 businesses to go bankrupt last year, it is THEM that is stifling growth and causing companies to be laying off staff rather than recruiting new members of staff, it is THEM that flood’s our country with mass amount’s of EU migrants that take away our unskilled jobs from under our feet, it is THEM that hold JSA claimants to account for why they cannot find work, but it is US that should be holding THEM to account for why they cannot provide us with the credible solutions we all so desire.”

I hope anyone that is reading my blog today can share in my frustration and anger at just how this government is blaming its own people for the mistakes that they themselves have made, it makes me want to be physically sick, the time has come, this completely out-of-touch and incompetent, heartless government needs to be overthrown and the power of this country need’s to go back to the people.

Original Article written by Sy Hawkes & published via ThisIsBrokenBritain on 8th January 2013

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