Ex Labour MP #LordJanner attends Court to face 22 historic charges of #ChildAbuse yet still remains a lifetime Peer in the #HouseofLords

On Thursday this week Lord Janner stood before Westminster Magistrates in London to face a total of 22 charges of Child Sex Abuse allegations which have been made against him. This was despite the facts that his legal team had stated that Janner was not fit to attend court due to the 87 year old suffering from Alzheimer’s Syndrome and this has apparently left him in a position where he has “virtually no language left at all”. Despite the argument from Janners legal team that he wasn’t fit and able bodied enough to stand trial this was denied by the high court and he was told that he must attend or he would face arrest.
Lord Janner stood before Westminster Magistrates in London on Thursday this week for the first time to face the 22 historic charges it has been alleged he committed. This initial court appearance lasted for a grand total of just 12 minutes where Janner spoke only to confirm his name and to hear the exhaustive list of the 22 charges that he is accused of committing.

He is currently a member of the House of Lords and has been since 1997 when he retired from his position as Labour MP for Leicester North West. Janner was the elected MP for Leicester North West from 1970 through to 1997 when he retired and it was at this time he was then awarded a lifetime peerage in the House of Lords. The allegations made against him were committed during the period between the 1960’s to the 1980’s, and it is with shock surprise that he has only just stood trial for the first time in 2015 at a time when he has very little of his life still remaining and the victims of these crimes have had to live with the torment of what is being alleged happened to them for all these years.

On Thursday when Janner stood before magistrates it has been noted that he gingerly walked into the court room without a care in the world or indeed any shame for that matter. He began to wave around at people and stated “Oohh, isn’t it wonderful”, this despite the fact that his legal team had previously stated that Janner had “virtually no language left at all”. However he still somehow managed to walk gingerly and able bodied into the court room and he was also able to make a clearly understood spoken comment about the physical setting of the Courtroom.

Westminster Magistrates have appropriately stated that they aren’t able to deal with such a high profile case in the magistrates court and Janner has been informed that his case will be sent to the Crown Court for them to deal with in due course.

Who is Lord Janner & What are the Facts in the case so far…

  • Greville Janner was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1928
  • Janner has served time in the British Army and he studied at Cambridge to eventually become a Criminal Barrister & QC
  • Janner was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Syndrome/Dementia in 2009
  • Elected Labour MP for Leicester North West from 1970-1997
  • Lord Janner is currently facing a grand total of 22 Child Sex Abuse charges it is alleged he committed during the period from the 1960’s to the 1980’s.
  • The 22 charges he faces breakdown as follows: 15 counts of indecent assault in addition to 7 counts of separate sexual offences amongst a total of 9 complainants who were young boys at the time it is alleged the offences were committed.
  • His close family have consistently stated that he is completely innocent of any wrong doing and the charges against him are merely fairy tales in the minds of the various complainants.

Personally I feel that it is downright disgusting and shameful that this man has been granted such privileges and positions of great responsibility in his life and has seemingly abused his position of responsibility in order to commit sexual abuse against young boys whilst he was serving as a ‘Labour Party’ MP and also prior to him even becoming an MP in the first place. Even more disgraceful is that Janner will remain a fully fledged member of the House of Lords until his death or at the very least until the day that he retires.

Equally disgusting is how a man accused of such serious crimes can be awarded with a Lordship by HM The Queen and that he will remain as a Lord, even if the allegations made against him are found to be true as I highly suspect they will be in due course. I do feel that should he be found guilty then his peerage in the House of Lords should be terminated with immediate effect and he should not receive a penny more of taxpayers money.

Currently Lord Janner along with other Peers & Paedophiles in the House of Lords are entitled to claim a daily allowance of up to £300 for the parliamentary duties they carry out. However members don’t have to vote on parliamentary matters in the House of Lords to be eligible for the £300 daily allowance. They are entitled to claim the ridicoulsly high amount by ‘carrying out other duties’. These other duties could be defined as labelling a wide proportion of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in this country as scroungers, whilst the real scroungers are sitting on their perches of authority and claiming such ridiculous amounts of money and giving very little back to the society they are supposed to represent.

It is understood that Janner has been suspended from the Labour Party since April 2014 when the allegations made against him were first brought to light. However it would be foolish for the Labour Party to think that they don’t carry some share of the blame should Janner be found guilty of the crimes it has been alleged he committed. After all they allowed him to become an MP for their party and their was an entire decade from 1970-1980 where he stood he stood as Labour MP at the same time as allegedly carrying out sick acts of child sex abuse against young boys. They should have been adequately vetting their candidates and they should have been aware that he was a person that was capable of carrying out such sick disgusting crimes against children.

Lord Janner who is currently residing at Muswell Hill, north London, was released on unconditional bail by Westminster Magistrates Court and the next hearing will be heard at Southwark Crown Court on 1 September.

I do hope that that the Crown Court will do all they can to ensure that a proper and adequate legal process is carried out to ensure that Lord Janner is made fully accountable for the crimes it has been alleged he committed. I also expect for the high court to throw out any ridiculous claims from his legal team that he is unable to attend court for various reasons of ill health. He has already made it quite clear that he found his appearance at Westminster Magistrates an overall pleasurable experience by stating that it was wonderful and by waving inappropriately at people in the courtroom.

I strongly welcome your valuable feedback on this article or indeed any other topics that I have covered on this site, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment and this can be a good place where we can all have a sensible debate about such serious political and current affairs that could well affect all our lives for years to come.

Original Article written by Sy Hawkes & published via www syhawkes.wordpress.com on August 14th 2015

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