01st January 2013 by Sy Hawkes

Well it has to be said that i along with many,many others did not enjoy a happy new year last night! Personally i spent it at home alone, bored and broke and unemployed, without not even the slightest sip of alcohol, all whilst the government the ones who put and have kept me in this position through their ridiculous policies were enjoying their champagne and 12,500 fireworks in London which i must add is all at the cost of the taxpayer!! The highlight of watching the firework display in London last night for me was hearing “Dizzee Rascals– Bonkers” playing as part of the soundtrack. “Some people pay for thrills but this government get theirs for FREE” All at the cost and sacrifice of the very people they are mean’t to represent. At the start of this very important and decisive year in politics, we are looking at a financially corrupted coalition government led by the tories and David Cameron who seems to like singing his and the conservative party’s own praises, never before have i heard a prime minister’s voice played over a new years firework celebrations saying “Were doing it right” it almost made me physically sick having to listen to that complete and utter pile of BS to be quite honest. If the tories mission is to destroy this country and destroy the livelihoods of our own people then i would agree with them that they are “Doing it right” but they seem to think that this country is on the right track, yet we have more businesses going bankrupt by the day, more jobs been lost by the day, unemployment soaring, people living in poverty at an all time high and streets of homeless people, so i beg to differ with them on how they seem to think that this country is on any sort of a right track. It seems to m that the tories are nothing short of a bunch of over-educated, stupidly rich and incompetent bunch of fools. They are so “Out of touch” with the ordinary guy in this country that it really beggars belief.

The very people that this government are consigning to the scrap heap of poverty and unemployment,sickness and disability are punished even further through cuts in welfare and being placed on an unfit for purpose “Work Programme”which has been little to no good in actually getting the unemployed people of this country back into full-time and permanent job roles with scope for career development and progression and a chance to earn a decent living wage.

In 2013 my struggle continues along with 2.6million others in finding employment, in a battle against the statistics, and also in a fight against the corrupted criminal politicians who rule over all of us. Heartless and out touch politicians mustchange their ways or change their careers.

Original Article written by Sy Hawkes on 01st January 2013 & published via ThisIsBrokenBritain

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