Sunday 1st August 2021

Hi & Welcome to my latest blog post, I’ve wrote this down on paper over the weekend & had to use a computer at the library to publish it online today. I want to start by saying I am sorry for my absence on Twitter at the moment. So much has happened since October last... Continue Reading →

Maybe you’d like to read this…

Maybe in the eyes of others they just see me as nothing more than a lost cause & a bad person because of mistakes I've made in the past. Maybe they think I haven't apologised enough or shown enough remorse for my past mistakes, but I am & will always be sorry to the people... Continue Reading →

26th March 2020 ~ My traumatic experience trying to shop @Morrisons #Kidderminster, where I got victimised by their staff & then banned for life today… simply trying to peacefully shop for the Basic Essentials. 💔😣

Today I went into Morrison’s Kidderminster Store in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic to get essentials that I need for my survival & the experience was nothing short of the worst shopping experience I’ve ever had in my life!! Firstly I waited patiently outside the store with the other customers & entered the... Continue Reading →

BBC and Channel 4 accused of ‘Blatant’ right-wing political bias during #GE2019

Leading right-wing biased broadcasters have been rightly accused of letting a “sense of entitlement” drive “hysterical” rows with politicians as the Conservatives turned their fire on the BBC and Channel 4. So called Senior media figures warned that right-wing biased broadcasters risked breaching their obligation to remain impartial during the election by attempting to embarrass... Continue Reading →

 #Kidderminster Woman steals a pack of 4 Mars Bars worth 75p and gets combined Fine & Costs totalling £328…after #BenefitSanctions leave her starving in a fight for survival.

A Kidderminster woman stood before magistrates this week in relation to an offence of stealing a pack of 4 Mars Bars worth £0.75p due to her being in a deep struggle for survival after cruel and unjust benefit sanctions left her starving hungry. This is unfortunately the latest case in a long line of similar... Continue Reading →

Majority of @UKLabour Party Supporters want @JeremyCorbyn to Win #LabourLeadership. In a Shock Revelation The @DailyMirror pledges  full allegiance to @AndyBurnhamMP 

The contest for the leadership of the Labour Party has stepped up a gear this week as the leadership candidates continue to pit themselves against one another in a battle for the top job of leading the party into the 2020 General Election as they seek to regain some credibility amongst the British people. The... Continue Reading →

Why our #BrokenSociety must find its Heart for one another & tackle youth gang culture at its roots by replacing #Poverty & #Austerity with #FinancialEquality. #Blog article by Sy Hawkes 17th August 2015 #Culture #Society #ProgressivePolitics

Over recent weeks I have noticed a surge in incidents of violence amongst local youngsters who seem to be turning against and fighting one another in the streets in my local area. There have also been incidents involving the Police at local businesses in the area too where fights have actually broke out inside the... Continue Reading →

01st January 2013 by Sy Hawkes

Well it has to be said that i along with many,many others did not enjoy a happy new year last night! Personally i spent it at home alone, bored and broke and unemployed, without not even the slightest sip of alcohol, all whilst the government the ones who put and have kept me in this... Continue Reading →

2nd-4th January 2013 by Sy Hawkes

Firstly my apologies to those interested in my blog that i have not posted for the last couple of days, i have been busy making job applications for a few jobs that i have seen advertised, that no doubt will not even be read by the employers but hey i’m pretty used to hearing nothing... Continue Reading →

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